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Being able to measure and tell you what’s happening throughout your entire Smallworld™ system, the application, the clients, the network, the hardware, everything. A challenge you’ve been dealing with since the very day you started using Smallworld™. Using Diagnostics will enable you to not only improve your systems performance but also the way your people deal with the system on a daily basis. And you know what? It WILL save you time and money. We’ve been dealing with Smallworld for over twenty years and we know what we’re talking about. Diagnostics has proven to dramatically increase the system’s performance, make it more usable and even predict when problems will occur. Your helpdesk will be thankful for such a powerful tool that enables them to ‘tell’ instead of ‘guess’ and the system administrators will be able to create a Smallworld™ work environment that is unprecedented.
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Geo-IT made real