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Realworld Software Products releases Water Office 4.3.2

Realworld Software Products launches Water Office 4.3.2


On August 31st, Realworld Software Products launched the latest version of their commercial off the shelf Water Management Software, Water Office. Version 4.3.2 includes several enhancements, as well as bug fixes.


The base WO product has been aligned to CST, Common Office 4.3.4 and Design Manager 4.3.1.


These are the enhancements available in Water Office 4.3.2:

Enhanced Outage Management

A simulation capability has been added. Ideal for planners that can now try different scenarios, including different timeframes for the planned outages. Due to popular demand, we have also improved the visualisation of the outages: the valves that have to be shut off are encircled with different colours (e.g., green when the isolation can be achieved by operating fewer than 3 valves, yellow when fewer than 5 valves are involved, etc.); the nature of the critical customers (“Hospital”, “Dialysis patient”, etc.) is displayed on the map as well.


New Longitudinal Profile
An alternative tool has been implemented that is able to create Longitudinal Profiles for Water Supply as well as Drainage networks. It is now possible to see all three networks (Water Supply, Rain and Sewer) in the same graphic.

Cathodic Protection
To enable a better and more flexible calculation of the cathodic sections, the Water Supply data model can be enhanced so that it can be specified that a network (node) object is either bonded ( a bond wire is going over that object), shorted (that object has been shorted) or insulated (the object is insulated or conducting electricity). 

New Quality Rules
A set of rules checking data integrity: main sections have equipment connected at both ends; tees connect to three or more main sections; valves are connected to exactly two main sections; point objects should be connected to at least one line object. Furthermore, it ensures that objects with internal worlds are properly connected.
Asset Installation
Energy consumption fields can be added to relevant assets, enabling the capability to report energy costs of certain (sub-)networks. Life expectancy can be recorded to asset specifications with the possibility to override it for a specific asset installation.
Network Aggregation
The alternative algorithm requires less disk space for the incremental runs of the pseudo topology engine. Also, a new parameter has been added to control the number of checkpoints to be kept, hence controlling the size of the dataset.

Water Office 4.3.2 is directly available for download. Please contact your representative for your directdownload access, if needed.

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