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Water Office

Over seven billion people rely on water every single day. From the tap in your kitchen to having to walk several hours to find clean water is a huge difference, but with one common factor: without it there’s no chance of survival.
Even in areas with direct access to tap water, many times much is left to be desired. Water leakages, pressure problems and faulty valves are a common daily sight. For every water system, from small to very large, Water Office is the only fully integrated spatial asset management solution you will ever need. From water source to drainage, from design to maintenance: the complete water life cycle is included in Water Office.
Water Office is designed for GE by Realworld Systems. With over 20 years of experience in Smallworldtm implementations, this gives you the technology needed in a reliability driven market like water.
Specific disciplines ask for specific information, that is why Water Office has the flexibility to be custom adapted to each user in your system:
• Water Supply
• Drainage & Sewer Sanitary
• Irrigation
• Storm Water
• Surface & Ground Hydrology
• Industrial Water
At server level, they  are all combined into one package, with the same data and the same possibilities.
Water Office can be used to achieve ISO 55000 compliance.
For more information, please refer to the Water Office website: www.wateroffice.com.
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