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Asset Management Services

Thanks to Realworld Systems, you know exactly where your valuable assets are at any moment.

Asset Management Services

Realworld Systems is a leader in the area of information to support asset management, to administrate spatial data like distribution networks of (rail)roads. Realworld has worked with reliable partners for over 17 years, with relationships with Ziggo, Enexis, Alliander, Stedin, ProRail, Evides and Infrax allowing an optimization of teamwork. Thanks to the pooling of strengths with Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management systems (EAM), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) there have been great possibilities realized to optimise the strategies for asset management, decision-making processes and working processes.

Asset Management Services has a primary focus of optimizing the information flow and information delivery within the organization so there is better support to all the processes regarding the management of physical assets. Asset Management Services is more than the principles of EAM, GIS, DMS/Scada and ERP.

We welcome you to challenge us by sharing information on your asset needs. We will happily dive deep into your complex issues and are confident we have the technical expertise to come out with a lasting solution.

Asset Lifecycle Support

To make asset management work it is vital that the complete asset lifecycle is supported by an intelligent information system that can facilitate decision making and the execution of processes. Whether it is strategizing to replace pipelines, designing a low voltage distribution network, solving a malfunction in the water network or informing the surroundings/stakeholders (like civilians, municipalities, provinces, government or the fire department) Realworld can help your business.

PAS55 expertise


Realworld is training its employees in asset management through the PAS55-directives, with the objective that we can advise our customers the optimal structure using PAS55 structured techniques. Our recommendations follow Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), the conclusive way of asset management for companies taking into account the functions of each asset in its environment. Realworld has a lot of experience in setting up IT to support both the individual assets, and the system containing those individual assets, for example a distribution network or a railway system.


AM Conceptual Model


Asset management consultancy & outsourcing

Realworld Systems offers services for information management, system integration, IT-architecture, software development, project management, test management and training for improving your information. We can offer a consultant for a project at a fixed price if required.

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