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Realworld Systems not only supplies GIS services, but also the accompanying knowledge and experience. These will be transferred to you as we cooperate on projects, and through project-related training programs. Together with our suppliers ESRI (ArcGIS products) and GE Energy (Smallworld™), we will give your staff members GIS training on those products. This is to ensure that your organization will no longer need us in future.

Custom training

Realworld takes care of custom training on the subjects of:

  • ESRI Desktop and Server products
  • GE Smallworld™ products (NRM, Offices, Admin, User, etc.)
  • Realworld products
  • Spatial Workshop (User, Config, Analyze)
  • Open Source products
  • GIS general, introduction
  • GIS for managers: vision and insight into developments
  • Customer applications: exactly that which the end-users work with
  • ORCA

During the trainings the main focus lies in challenging the students to gain new knowledge and apply this within their own fields and work. The teacher stimulates the problem-solving abilities of the student. The trainings are given by experienced and certified ESRI and Smallworld™ teachers with many years of experience in geo-consultancy within government and utility sectors. Our clients are quite positive on the quality and applicability of the Realworld trainings. 
Advantages in regards to conventional trainings:

  • The trainingcontent is adjusted to the desires and knowledge level of the students.
  • The training follows the practice situation of the students, by using their own workflow and as much of their own data as possible.
  • This enables a high learning efficiency and direct practically implementation.


  • Intake on location with the students: survey of learning goals, learning material and the desired level and pace of the training
  • Preperation by the teacher, custom exercises
  • Training on location
  • A max of 6 students

Workplace counseling

It can happen that an application is not used optimally. For this Realworld Systems has workplace counseling. This course format does not require intake and preperation from the teacher. The teacher will counsel your employees on location and he will answer any questions on the spot aided by explanation and demonstrations.
Advantages in regards to conventional trainings:

  • The teacher can adapt to the questions and learning wishes of the students.
  • This enables a higher participation and learning efficiency.


  • Participant collect their questions in advance.
  • During (a) workplace counseling day (s) the participants provide the teacher with their questions.
  • The teacher gives explanations/demonstrations on the spot.
  • Maximum of 8 participants.
Geo-IT made real