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Energy solutions

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How we energise gas and electricity companies with GIS

To remain successful in a liberalised energy market, energy companies must be able to have detailed and up-to-date information about the status, expansion possibilities, the value, the security and the use of their networks. With our expertise of GIS solutions, Realworld Systems can perform projects for energy companies in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Realworld Systems has experts in geographical information systems and system integration to completely visualise your assets to support the asset management related precesses. This enables different ways to look at your data. Each type of visualisation contains specific information and is used for various goals: geographic, scematic, process oriented or financial.


Assetmanagementservices in the energysector

AM-services and solutions for electricity and gas companies
Realworld Systems deliveres services to meet the information needs of everyone that is involved with asset management related processes. End-users of this information are less interested in the system from which it came, but they do expect an intuitive system in which multiple sources are seemlessly integrated.


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GIS for the energy sector

GIS services and solutions for electricity and gas companies

Realworld Systems offers worldwide GIS services and solutions for electricity and gas companies. Our
starting point is clear: geographic information supports the business processes, e.g.:

  • integral management of assets and networks (grids)
  • planning, design, realisation and maintenance of networks
  • planning and marketing
  • tracking and tracing
  • finding gas leaks

Realworld does this through:

  • implementation of the company-wide use of geographic information
  • integration of GIS and ERP, CRM, Scada and other IT systems
  • restructuring processes and process support using geographic information
  • implementation of mobile and Internet solutions

GIS solutions and applications for energy companies

Realworld Systems developed industry-specific solutions based on leading GIS platforms for the energy
market, which can also be used in your GIS projects.

A few examples are:

  • Electricity Network Management based on Smallworld™
  • Embedded generation
  • Gas Network Management in Smallworld™
  • Load Flow and Short Circuit Analysis
  • Interfaces for calculating network capacity and network reliability:
    • Cook Hulbert
    • Kema Consulting
  • Klic – provide location information about cables and pipes through the Kabel en
    LeidingInformatie Centrum (Klic) [Cable and Pipe Information Centre].

Ask your Realworld Systems agent for a detailed list of solutions for your industry.


How GIS helps energy companies produce more efficiently end save on costs

To comply with the increasing worldwide demand for energy, the electricity industry and gas industries
are growing rapidly. Energy companies that want to stay ahead of the developments or want to increase
their turnover or margins need a clear picture of the market. They must pay constant attention to
building and maintaining their networks and are constantly looking for cost-saving possibilities. In
addition, items such as safety, openness and the requirements of government and the market, demand a
great deal of attention from the management

Information and communications technology is essential when it comes to responding to these
challenges. The right operational information and knowledge are necessary for making better decisions,
and they are also indispensable for increasing production and reducing costs.

The use of geographic information is an ideal method for managing and providing operational
information. It allows optimum support of nearly every business process within the energy company.
Realworld Systems helps energy companies realise the potential advantages of Geo-ICT for their



Geo-IT made real