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"Realworld Systems as partner for the integration of your Network Inventory systems."


How GIS allows telecoms companies to take the lead

The telecoms sector is characterised by mergers and takeovers, rapidly changing technology and increased competition as a result of liberalisation. The increasing sales and marketing requirements also
demand optimum systems and processes in order to support the demands of customers inspired by a digital lifestyle. Realworld Systems provide GIS services and solutions in key areas of the Operational
Support System (OSS) software landscape. These services and solutions offer telecoms companies indispensable support for the creation and management of fixed-line, cable and mobile networks and are vital to transformation initiatives to Next Generation Networks.


AM Services for the telecomsector

Assetmanagement for telecom companies
The developments within the telecom secotr go fast. Customers expect high quality service against a low price, that is way it is important to stay ahead within the field of ICT-developments to maintain a decent market position.

Realworld Systems has a large expertise in the fileld of systems that support Assetmanagement processes and we have as goal that users of these systems get their information presented on a user-friendly way. This is done by integrating several sources in one system.

Couple of examples are:

  • Registration systems of internal and external worlds to facilitate maintenance, capacity management and service assurance.
  • Integration of logical and physical registration to get a complete picture and maintain the knowledge of which asset is part of which service(s).
  • Insight into commercial interesting potential customers, based on consideration between the costs to connect a customer and the potential benefits.
  • FttX design support systems, Realworld Systems collaberates here with COMSOF.

GIS-services for the telecomsector

GIS-services for telecomcompanies

The consultants of Realworld have a proven service record in the telecom sector and know it thoroughly. They have assisted companies with realisation, introduction and planning of strategic geogrphical informationssystems for network administration and besides that they provided operatonal and business consultancy.
Realworld Systems delivers services globally like consultancy, systemdesign, systemintegration and applicationdevelopment for the telecom industry. This way we can take teh responsibility for totalprojects, but we also work closely as partner in international partnerships. Realworld Systems holds a portfolio of GIS-telecomsolutions that go beyond the standard functions of GE Energy Network Inventory products. This way we offer solutions for inside & outside plant management and the realisation of fixed and mobile networks.

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