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"For over 15 years has Realworld come up with innovative solutions for the Water sector"


How GIS system integration provides water companies with further help

GIS services are indispensable for water boards, both for the internal provision of information and the communication with external stakeholders. Realworld can help you find the right solution for your organisation by drawing on our experience in a variety of GIS solutions; we have knowledge and experience in GE Smallworld Water Office, ESRI INTWIS, AutoDesk and IRIS Systems; from this we have concluded that our preffered technology is GE Smallworld Water Office. After making this evaluation Realworld Systems has chosen to invest their knowledge and time in becoming the new product specialist and developer for the Water Office application. Our solutions can provide more than industry standard functionality and are used globally by Water Authorities.


If you would like more information on the Smallworld Water Office Product, please head to http://www.gedigitalenergy.com/geospatial/catalog/smallworld_water.htm, Realworld Systems will be launching a dedicated Water Office website shortly, so please re-visit this webpage soon for more information. Alternatively, sign up to our Australian/New Zealand Newsletter for the latest updates.


GIS for water companies

GIS system integration for water companies

Geography is important to water companies not only for the management of their networks, but also for production, control and environmental problems.

Realworld Systems supplies IT services and solutions for water companies. We also integrate the geographic information system (GIS) into the overall operational management. Together with our clients, we are working on an integral approach to Geo-ICT. In doing so we look beyond the boundaries of your organisation. For instance, we can create system links to your clients, suppliers, engineering agencies, etc.

Realworld Systems supports the water companies Vitens, Drenthe, Groningen, Oasen, WML and Evides, and has carried out projects for nearly all the other water companies in the Netherlands; along with various other companies around the globe. For more information on who and how we support please contact us on info-AU@realworld-systems.com



GIS services for water companies

GIS services for water companies

In recent years, Realworld Systems has successfully supported clients in the introduction of systems for:

  • asset management
  • planning, design and maintenance
  • system integration
  • integration of GIS with ERP, Scada, workflow, network analyses and laboratory systems
  • Internet and workflow management
  • mobile solutions and field systems










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